This website is just for Reagyn! Reagyn is in 5th grade

at London Elementary School in London, Ohio.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 5 years old.  For several years the tumor did not grow, but recently it has gotten bigger.  The tumor is wrapped up in her motor nerves and cannot be removed.  For the rest of the school year Reagyn will be living in two different places with her family.  She will move to Virginia at the beginning of November where she will live for a couple months.  In Virginia she will receive treatment for her brain tumor.  She will be in the hands of some of the best doctors in the world!  The doctors think they have a really good shot at making it go away! 

   While Reagyn is in Virginia she is going to need the love, friendship, and on-going support from all of US!!  Our hope is that we can use this website and other resources to keep in close contact with Reagyn!  We want Reagyn to feel like she never left our classroom.  We want her to feel connected and up-to-date on everything we do at school! To do this we will post pictures for her to see, write blog messages back and forth, share stories, and hopefully Reagyn will post a few updates herself!  This is going to be fun! Reagyn, your school family loves you!

Reagyn's last day before leaving for treatment...

Nissen brings the Tokyo experience to LES!


- Reagyn is back from treatment and she is back home here in Ohio!  She is not yet back at school, as she is still feeling weak and not eating much.  There tends to be a lot of swelling after the radiation so the doctors cannot tell if treatment has done the trick.  It will take a couple months before we truly know if the treatment was successful.  The doctors think that she has done remarkably well and has not had any unexpected symptoms.  We plan to see her back at school for a few hours a day beginning next week.  On 1/13 she graduated from DARE and got her own special award!  Again, thank you so much for showing so much interest in our little Reagyn.  She is one of the toughest little girls I know!